5th grade sight word

..Importance of Sight Words: Sight words are the words that are recognized automatically. These are the words that are used most often in reading and writing. They are called sight words because they are meant to be recognized instantly. For example, Words like “a, and, for, he, in, of, that the, was etc. are sight words. Sight words have a lot of benefits in learning. These benefits include: Sight words account for a large percentage of the words used in beginning children’s print material. Recognition of words plays an important role in learning to read. It is believed that being able to recognize a large number of words gives the student a better start in learning to read. Sight words help students by diverting their focus from “reading to learn” towards “learning to read. Sight words also contribute in reading effortlessly. Learning of Sight words increases the comprehension speed of students. Students can devote their energy to more difficult words by learning specific kinds of sight words. Sight words also increase the speed of reading and hence, they promote speed reading. Sight words promote clues to the context and the reader can decode the meaning of the article through them. Sight words improve the focus of students towards difficult words. As described above, Sight words have numerous benefits. They play an important role in the learning of students. Sight words help the students in learning by increasing their speed. Students can read the words more effortlessly. With the increase in the speed of reading, speed of comprehension also increases. The students grasp the meaning more quickly. They can focus on difficult words with more devotion and energy. The confidence level of reader also boasts because of sight words. When a child knows most of the words of a text. The confidence level of the child increases significantly. Summing up, we can say that Sight words play an important role in learning by increasing reading, comprehension and confidence of students.