So you have to understand...I am a DAD!!! After getting more involvement with the girls in school I realized the best way I could help them was with their reading and spelling. I know how important it is to learn to read and spell so that is my main goal with this sight word coloring book.

As a parent I just want something straight forward, this is just to help reinforce what the teachers are already doing in school just in a fun on the go kind of way. In school they teach that the sight words are words that should be recognized when looking at them. So I created these word search sight word coloring books to help reinforce what they are already learning in their own environment. There are about 10 words per puzzle along with a fun picture and a positive message to help with self image and positivity!! There is an answer key in the back so the student can self check and learn independently!

I found that this sight word word search book really helped my children with their reading and recognizing their sight words. I also noticed it helped me know what words they knew and what words we needed to work on more. It removed a lot of the frustration of learning new words and helped with little milestones of accomplishments along the way helping to build confidence in reading. It is so cool watching my little pieces of sugar learn and accomplish new skills and gain confidence in something that is so fundamental to learning.

Reading and learning to read should be fun and I find that building confidence with different tools no matter how big or small bears large returns with compound learning interest if you will...lol.